Henry Kates
Meet Henry Kates

Henry Kates is on a 30+ year journey doing what he enjoys most and does best — counseling, advising, mentoring business owners, business owner families and organization leaders to more effectively manage their businesses and unlock the immense power and potential of their business relationships and employees. Henry formed H. Kates & Company for that very purpose.  Clients include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, professional practices and groups delivering services or products, whether or not for profit.

Leading Family Businesses & Organizations to Success With Innovative Improvement Methods

After 17 years as a successful corporate attorney, Henry added sales, marketing, operations and turnarounds to his skill set, when he became Chief Executive Officer of a struggling 100+ employee manufacturing company in Rhode Island.  During an intense 3 and 1/2 year stint, Henry immersed himself in learning lean manufacturing methods on the fly, and quickly learned to identify, reposition and mentor talent that had been unrecognized within the organization before.  Henry has successfully lead the resurgence of a medical transcription company, dermatology practice, electrical engineering and contracting firm and other family businesses and practices from near insolvency and ruin to sustainability and growth.

A Common Sense Approach That Produces Measurable Results

Henry is highly regarded for his unique ability to tap common sense business skills learned in the trenches to bring fresh collaborative approaches and opportunities in dealing with diverse client problems.  A seasoned lawyer and problem solver with a roll up your sleeves attitude, Henry’s presence, quiet confidence and leadership impact every aspect of your operation — from capital formation to vendor relations, staff re-positioning, cash flow management, restructuring, marketing, workouts, sales and mergers and succession planning.

Henry earned his law degree from The George Washington University where he was also selected for Law Review.  A summa cum laude graduate of Tufts University where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Henry has been active and a leader in community affairs for many years.