Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do for my business?
We make businesses more profitable and their owners and employees happier.  We do this by spending a lot of time understanding the culture of the business, the nuances, the structure and whether people are in being used most effectively in current positions, all subject to available resources.  We take a hard look from a distance and close up too, sharply-focused with sleeves rolled to elbows.  After discussing with the owners what we have observed and our recommendations, we begin the process of opening communications, establishing clear expectations, coaching and building a solid results driven team.  We also consult and advise with budgeting, managing cash flow, vendor and financing arrangements and restructurings and with sensitive employee and family issues.

How long can it take?
It depends.  Relatively simple engagements can be for a month or 2; sometimes just a meeting or 2 is all that’s needed.  More complex engagements last longer, depending on the goals agreed to upfront or the financial condition of the business.

What is the easiest way to get in touch with Kates & Company?
Please use our contact form. Or, you can contact us via phone (401) 383-3993 or email [email protected]

Why should we do business together?  
If your lenders or vendors are breathing down your back and you’re barely making payroll; if you’ve discovered that frayed family relationships are keeping you from advancing your business goals; if your employees seem directionless, unmotivated and not driven anymore; or if the business has flat-lined for a long time, then you need our help to get things moving in the right direction.  There are, of course, no guarantees, but chances are the business will be operating much more profitably, and the owners and employees will be a lot of happier by the time we’ve ended the engagement.

What is your typical client size?   
We’ve worked with companies doing less than $5M and over $200M in revenue.

What is the normal process of starting an engagement with Kates & Company, LLC?
The engagement process begins with a call, an email or a referral.  Then, we suggest a meeting or meetings with the owners to truly understand the pain points and begin exploring options.  An Engagement Letter is prepared, reviewed, discussed and signed and an Action Plan is developed. Our engagements can be terminated at any time if our services are no longer required or desired.